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Picture Installation Canberra

Our Experience

Acquiescent Art Installations evolved from my industrial design consultancy, Oz Industrial Design.

As Oz Industrial Design I have been designing, manufacturing and installing exhibition stands in Australia for the past 15 years and before that, in Europe.

Early on, my clients began to ask me to install their products in the finished stands. This was the genesis of Acquiescent Art Installations. Over the years I have built up considerable experience in Picture Installation Canberra, installing most forms of art, including paintings, watercolours, prints, photographs and sculptures.

Clients tell me I have an excellent sense of placement and aesthetics, as well as the patience and open mindedness to try numerous alternatives before arriving at the "right" hang or installation.

My clients include private clients, museums, commercial organisations and retail.

We have the experience to hang or install just about anything ……

Picture Installation Canberra